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Wolf Alice: recording ‘My Love Is Cool’

Posted by Jake Young on June 26, 2015

Released 22 June 2015 on Dirty Hit Records, Wolf Alice’s debut album ‘My Love Is Cool’ was produced by Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, Foals) in London’s Livingston Studio 1, Wood Green.

“Everyone kept telling us we were so eclectic and incapable of being pigeonholed,” says Theo Ellis (bass). “The album is an expression of our sound, cross-pollinated by what’s come before. A consistent representation of those ideas.” Ellie Rowsell (guitar/vocals) scoffs. “You’re too eloquent for your own good, Theo.” Theo: “Fine, the drums are fucking sick. I love it.”

The band went into the studio with 20 songs, spanning from three years to a few weeks old, last November for five weeks. Only two of their previous releases – ‘Fluffy’ and ‘Bros’ – are on the final 11-track LP, Ellie insistent that the rest of their catalogue has already lived its life. Their decisions around which songs would make the cut were based simply on the ones they still had feverish performances for.