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Matt Wiggins Recorded New Foster The People Album

Posted by kate fletcher on March 20, 2014

Supermodel is the second studio album from the American’s Foster The People, released back in March through Colombia Records. Co-Produced by frontman, Mark Foster, along with Paul Epworth (Adele, Florence And The Machine), the record was also engineered by Gotham Producers’ Matt Wiggins.

Following on from their debut album, Torches (2011), Supermodel flows more like a concept album, detailing Mark Foster’s view on today’s society and what he calls ‘The ugly side of consumerism’. Some have cited this as a slightly ambitious move for the ‘difficult second album’, but they’ve managed to overcome this common fear, and it works.

Supermodel is a blissful blend of euphoric pop with a twist. With darker topics and many of the lyrics taking a sociopolitical stance, the record is received with more validity than your average pop offering. Of course, the record is not without the catchy hooks of previous Torches, but Supermodel confidently jumps between genres, finding comfort in Pop, Rock and Dance.

Opener, Are You What You Want To Be, is an energetic offering, showing exactly what Paul Epworth’s production can brings to a record; big sounds and big hooks done effortlessly and brilliantly. Track Fire Escape was mixed by Matt Wiggins and sees the band stray from their usual formula of anthemic pop towards a stripped back, heart-felt acoustic number. The perfect album closer.

Buy the album now, here.