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Bryan Wilson Engineered Debut Arthur Beatrice Album

Posted by kate fletcher on April 23, 2014

Working Out is the long-awaited debut from Arthur Beatrice.

Working Out was released on February 24th 2014 through OAR./Polydor Records. The 11 track record was produced by the band themselves at their East London studio, No. 1 Baltic Place and engineered by our very own Bryan Wilson. This is the first time the band have ever produced something entirely on their own, thus making the record a very personal affair.

With various singles enticing us like delicious tasters before the album’s full delivery, the end result is certainly no disappointment. The four-piece have stayed true to form with melodic vocal lines, and delicate, interesting guitar riffs making for a truly flowing album.

At three years in the making this almost seems like a coming-of-age record, mature and confident in its focus. Shifting from slow and creeping tracks with haunting vocal harmonies to quicker, percussion-driven songs, the record is lively and diverse enough to keep interest but not seem incoherent.

Take a listen on their soundcloud and make sure you buy the record!